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How to properly clean your windows

Residential Window Repair & replacementEven the maid doesn’t do windows in Jupiter but that doesn’t mean you never need to clean your windows. There are simple maintenance tips to use when cleaning certain types of windows. You won’t just be cleaning the glass, you’ll be cleaning the window panes as well. Did you know that certain environmental elements will cause a window to stick so hard you have issues opening it?

What your glass really needs:

Your windows need soap and water inside and out. This is strange to many because they are armed with Windex and off they go! But your windows streak and they don’t let in enough sunlight simply because they are not clean. They just look clean. First, grab a bucket with warm not hot water. More than room temp but not boiling because this disrupts the chemistry of the glass and can break it. The window panes are cleaned with soap and water first always then the windows.

Put one cap full or vinegar and one tablespoon of dish washing detergent that is good on grease like Dawn. Now, mix together and start cleaning in circular motions. This is done with a clean sponge. You will also need a squeegee to take the soap off. That is the next step. Take the squeegee and go across in a Z like pattern wiping the blade each couple of times.

Then, with a clean and dry sponge dip in another bucket full of cool water. Rinse the windows. Take a paper towel and dry them. After you dry them you can Windex them if that is what you prefer. We suggest using a solution of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle with clean paper towels. Repeat the process on the outside windows. You can use a detergent spray hose attachment and hose soap and water on to the outside windows and window panes. Then, simply dry and repeat the inside window washing process outside where you can actually reach them. This is not safe on a ladder get a pro to handle upstairs.