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Top tips to keep the weight off this winter

fad diets and weight lossThe winter time is always the time of year when we pack on those winter pounds. We love the comfort foods and there are plenty of healthy ones but we believe the tastier ones are too good to pass up. Here we will give you the top tips on how to keep the pounds off this winter for weight loss in Lake Worth.

Tips and Tricks


  • Eat before you go to any holiday dinner or event. Make a snack out of something that you really like. Make sure you are half full and then off you go. You’ll have a smaller plate and you’ll also stop before the seconds happen! Take dessert home with you if need be.
  • Make yourself an easy but steady exercise routine that you are in the habit of doing an hour before eating time—not after. Your body will burn the calories better before you eat and not after.
  • Take stock of your pantry. The pantry is full of all the things you’ll crave and you’ll want them out of the cupboard now. Anything with fat or a high salt content needs to go. Donate it—it’s a great time of year for that. Don’t keep sweets in the house either.
  • At events take the salad plate or dessert plate and fill it instead of the full-sized plate. This will keep you eating less and if you do refill it a few times you’ll still be eating half of what you normally would.
  • Eat slowly and drink at the same time. The slower you eat and the more you drink the fuller you’ll feel. This will happen quicker than normal and your brain will believe you are fuller faster. Drink more water than alcohol and soda too. Your brain reads that you’re full better with water because when your body is dehydrated your brain sends hunger signals and this is why sometimes hunger pangs go away when you drink water. It doesn’t work as well with other beverages.