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How to know if you’re the gym type

Exercise and eat right to stay fitEvery year we do the same thing—we want to lose weight and we go on some weight loss in Jupiter crash diet and join a gym. Now, grant you, the gyms are cheap enough and we get holiday specials as well but if you aren’t a gym person then you are wasting money and time that you could be spending learning to lose weight another way. Here we will provide some information on this so that you can make an educated decision as to whether or not you are the gym type.

Are you a day person or a night person?

If you are a night person you may actually fare a bit better. Especially if you have a day job and you have to go to the gym after work. But if you don’t mind hitting it at 6 am before work then being a morning person may also be OK. The bottom line is knowing how likely you are to stick with it in any case.

How good are you with repetition?

Are you able to do the same motion over and over again? Can you deal with repetition with things that are uncomfortable? In order for a workout to actually work you can’t slack on it. You have to at least do a circuit system like a 20 minute workout that entails cardio and resistance training with weights or Nautilus.

Are you shy?

Are you a person that is shy exercising in front of others? Most gyms do have others looking at you because you are all lined up n on machines one behind the other. Can you deal with that? There are also classes you may need to attend, are you comfortable with instruction or would you rather go at your own pace?

Bottom line—you have to ask yourself if you had the choice—would you have a gym membership or a home gym? If the answer is home gym then you may not be the gym type. If you aren’t a good self-motivator then this isn’t for you.