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How to gear up your pet for the winter

Points to keep in mind for pets during wintersThis the season for gifts and celebration! It’s a joyful season to take holiday pictures with your pet. But it’s also the season for doing some pet maintenance for the winter according to veterinarians in Palm Beach Gardens. Here we will cover the pet maintenance that is most common for most pets and for the most common one.

To be indoors or outdoors:

This is the question if your pet is normally kept outdoors you may have to start making preparations to keep them indoors. Don’t turn your cuddly animal into a pet sickle.

Outdoor Shelter?

Don’t ever be fooled by your pet’s fur. It’s not a defense at all against the bitter cold of winter. So, if you simply can’t keep your pet in the house then learn what type of shelter they need on the inside.

Keep water fresh, flowing and melted

Please do not leave your pet frozen water. If it’s frozen into a skating rink for ants then it’s too cold for the pet to be outside.

Keep their weight in check

Most pets will sleep more in winter and exercise less so make sure they aren’t eating more than the energy they’re expending in exercise. You don’t want the pet overweight and on a diet by spring.

Watch for outdoor pets getting into antifreeze

This is the time of year that dogs and other animals that are left outside will find antifreeze on the ground and lap it up. There is something that is quite attractive about the taste and they die each year in some numbers. Please keep them away from under your vehicles—they may find it warm under there and that’s how it happens.


Your animal is as vulnerable to frostbite as you are. Keep them inside

Bottom line, make sure you have taken every provision to protect your pet. They are your loyal companion show them how much you appreciate them by doing what’s best. If you call your local veterinarian to answer all your questions about pet safety for the winter.