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What you need to know about Urgent Care Services

Understanding when urgent care is requiredSome are confused about how and when to use urgent care Greenacres but this doesn’t have to be hard to understand. Some people don’t know whether they should go to the ER or urgent care centers. Here we’ll give you the tips you need to know about using one.

The Difference between Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms

This is what generally stops people from going to an urgent care. Or the opposite thing happens and they misuse the urgent care. This is how this happens.

People will use the urgent care instead of going to a physician for colds or when a child develops a flu. Now, if the child spikes a fever, as long as it’s 101 or under you can go to urgent care. If it’s a dangerous spike then the ER is warranted especially if it’s accompanied with convulsions or a rash. If it’s a child under 3 then the ER may also be warranted. Certainly with infants and a spiked temp the ER would also be a good idea. If a fever is accompanied by vomiting then do the same.

For urgent care, this is for the minor things. If it’s a bone break then it’s a finger and not a hip. If it’s a cold it’s time to go to the physician. If the sickness occurs during night and it can wait till morning then see a physician,

Another reason to go to the urgent care is when an illness seems worse and you can’t get an appointment for a couple of days. This is especially true if the aforementioned things happen with fever.

If there is a cut or wound with bleeding that is excessive then the ER is warranted. They have the equipment for trauma. If there is a wound that seems infected then the urgent care may be warranted unless it’s something already being treated by a physician.

You can see how just a little organized common sense can be helpful in this matter. If something is potentially life-threatening then you need to go to the ER. If something need special equipment or a bit more than first aide that can’t wait until you see a physician but not bad enough for the ER then urgent care is your best bet. If you are ever not sure, call the urgent care to assess.