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Can you Sell a Car with a Bad Transmission? Yes you can

Keep Your Car Running with transmission repairThere comes a time when you have to sell a car. Maybe you need the cash for a new one or you just need the money, period. It’s hard enough to sell an old car in the first place but—it’s a real bummer to try and sell a car with a bad transmission. Most people decide not to. But you can and you should give it a shot just following these simple tips for selling your car with a bad transmission repair Boynton Beach.

The Mechanic’s Special

This is basically what your fixer-upper is. It is an as is car and that is the way you should be selling it. Be upfront about the car’s issues because you don’t want someone after you if it’s found out later.

Sell the Car Privately

The car should be sold by you alone to get the best money out of it. Trading it in will get you pennies against your next car and giving it to a junkyard may score you $500 at best if that, with a bad tranny. Now, depending on what the model is and how good it looks as well as the year—there are people that may want it for parts for their own car or for restoring the car to working order. Some are just enthusiasts and some are students or hobbyists that are investing in their next project that could be your car. Some   own these types of businesses and want to restore it and turn it around.

Approach Junk Yards

These people can make a good profit from the compresses metal on your car. Just make sure it is metal and not fiberglass.

Lemon Laws

Check out the local lemon laws so you don’t get yourself in trouble selling something that is below par and against the law. You can get sued and they and they can and will trace you through the car history. Cheating is just not worth it. There is a buyer for everyone so don’t risk it.