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How to prepare for Redecorating

Value for money caperts It’s exciting when you are getting ready to redecorate! You get to peruse the carpet store West Palm Beach and look for paint and art and furniture. The only thing you need to do is budget well and you can have the house or room looking awesome in no time. Here we will take you into the world of simple budgeting for your redecoration process.

Plan before you start:

The key is to plan things from start to finish even though it may change somewhat during the creative process and the financial process you need a baseline to start at. First of all, you need to be able to decide how many rooms you want to decorate or will it be the whole home.

If it’s the whole house then some additional considerations need to be considered. First, how many rooms can you afford to do at one time? To get this rough figure {because stuff changes} you’ll need to calculate what it will take to do each room. Take the total allotted for the amount of rooms you want to do and divide it by the number of rooms. This will at least give you an idea of what you may want to send on each room; however, you may also want to decide are you DIYing it or are you hiring a contractor? If it’s a contractor, then you need to be able to factor in the cost of labor at about $20 per each laborer.

Decide if you are buying second hand, new or both

Make sure you know if you are buying new or second hand furniture. We suggest that if you are handy, you try and refinish old wood it’s a lot of fun and it will be totally unique to you.

If you are buying new then try a place that sells rooms instead of by the piece cheaply. This tends to be cheaper. If not then good old Ikea would be a great start. This should be of course, for furnishings that won’t get a lot of traffic.