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How to properly prepare for a move

Use Self Storage Facilities and keep your furniture safeMoving doesn’t have to be hard. The reason why people perceive it to be a chore is because there is a lot of organization and planning to do that often-times won’t get done. Then when you add the storage in Riviera Beach trek to the mix—well—it’s no wonder you wanna throw it out or burn it! But to be quite honest, using this formula that—while it is common sense—will set you on the right track.

Start way ahead with baby steps

If your move isn’t an emergency then you can actually begin to deal with the move ahead of time using baby steps. In the end, you’ll find it much easier. Get a small notebook and look around at what you have. Make a list of everything that is important to you to take. Then make another list and categorize the other stuff. Buy yourself those multi-colored sticky notes you see in every drug store or office supply and some markers of different shades in case you run short of sticky-note colors.

Start tagging the stuff you own. For small things, take them and put them in a safe pile. Tag each pile or each individual thing with notes like; garage sale; throw out; give away; e bay; pack or storage. This makes it easier to organize the move itself. You won’t be left in the dark when you have to start packing.

Call the storage company and get quotes

You can’t get a quote until you know the size of your storage pile. You’ll end up either over-paying or having too little room. This is unnecessary torture and what makes people hate to move. Now, decide if you are moving yourself or using a truck. If it’s a truck you do the same thing. Measure roughly what is tagged to move and you’ll get the right sized truck and save yourself money.

Budget it

You probably already have—but—the budget may have been over or under estimated. Compare it to what you now have.

Was it hard?