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How to pack your truck and your storage unit

Different types of storage solutionsBringing your things to storage in Lake Worth is not at all hard but off-loading a truck can be when you don’t have it packed correctly. Even if you are just using the truck to go to storage you should have it packed so that you are loading the stuff you won’t need right away first—we will talk you through that. If you are loading the truck to go to the storage and to the new place you have to do that efficiently too.

Going to the storage bin only:

If you hired a truck to go to the storage bin only then, this is how you do it. When you load the truck it will be done in the opposing fashion than how you will load the bin. You have to place the things you’ll use and want access to in the far back of the truck. You may want to take some different color sticky notes and tag the items so you don’t mistakenly put them in the front. Then place the stuff you want least or no access to until you move again in the far front to be loaded first. So, in your mind, imagine you are at the bin and you are unloading. The stuff that comes off first in the front will go into the back of the bin. Then, unload the stuff you DO want access to that is in the far back of the truck to the front of the bin

Going to the house and the bin

Packing this depends on whether you go to the house or the bin first. So, for example to the house first. Pack everything according to the instructions in “bin only” THEN pack all that you want off-loaded to the house last because it’s your first stop. Then everything that needs to go to the bin will be right in order for a very quick and easy move.

Just remember for pacing anything—even a box. What you want first gets packed last—then—opposite!