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Benefits of eating steak and seafood

Steamed fish for a healthy brainWith the world turning to vegetables as a main staple of their diet for all kinds of noble and healthful reasons we would like to give a little credence to the good old surf and turf. Everyone can’t be the same and some of us will still be meat eaters. Here we will have something for both the vegetarians who eat fish and the meat eaters.  

Benefits of Eating Fish

Fish is one of the best foods for your health and there is one good tip on how to choose it. We’re not dropping the same old tip here about the clarity of the eye of the fish—yada—yada. No, we mean know what fish has a low or no mercury content. Fish with a high oil content. You don’t even have to shop for it in this case—get it from the restaurants serving Steak and Seafood in Palm Beach Gardens. Choose those delicious salmon recipes and what about baked cod or fried catfish!? This is brain food and is a heart healthy fish. The Omega complex is a must-have and the best way to get it is food. Fish had no bad fat and can be eaten every day. Just watch what you cook it in. Fried Catfish is great but once a month max.

Benefits of Eating Meat

The protein found in meat keeps the blood healthy and strong. You also need a dose or two of what they call “bad fat” that meat has taken a bad rap from. Did you know that I blood fats are too low that it can alter your mood in a not very pretty way. Do you work out? Instead of spending money on tons of protein shakes—suite the body up with a high quality steak. Want it more humane put some weekly cash aside and buy Kobe. The body needs this type of protein to get tuned up and build healthy muscle as well as give your brain that great tasting but only good for you in certain doses kind of fat.

Eating a very balanced diet will include all types of foods. Whether you choose fish over meat of vice versa—make sure you’re balancing your diet with several servings of a variety. Variety, means not making a routine of the same foods and rotating it enough that your body systems are benefitting from it.

Eat to live!