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How to move to a new town effectively

Features Of A Profitable Rental PropertyMoving to a new town effectively means you have to be organized. At least organized enough to not leave certain things like getting your rental property in Lake Worth at the last minute. Here we will look deeper and start with you long before you move to make sure you are armed with the best information possible.  

Some questions to answer

The first thing to address is why you are moving to a new town. This will clear up a lot of thigs straight away in the budget department. Meaning, are you moving with or for a job and just how much of that move are they covering? If the answer is yes then you can probably skip some of the budgeting section but we suggest reading through.

Are you moving to start over maybe after a life-event? If the answer is yes, then you’ll want to read it all from start to finish.


Are you looking to rent or buy? If you are buying then you’ll simply need to start looking about a year prior to the move. If you are renting it’s a bit easier. Be prepared to spend 3 times the rent unless you get a rental special.

Do the homework

Be prepared to visit your new town at least once or twice before you move if you haven’t been there as more than a vacationer. You’ll need to see the surroundings as a person living there. Contact schools if you have kids and ask for a walk around by the principal while you’re there. Make sure you have a good feel for the environment and ask questions while you have them.

Check out the apartments that you have an eye on. Be there at night and on a weekend night, preferably Friday night and one Saturday night. A peaceful-looking apartment complex can be a very different thing at night and on a weekend. You’ll also see guest moving about at those times as well as drug activity and parties. You don’t want to be stuck in a lease and have to buy your way out.