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How to stage your home to show

Picking the Best Real Estate AgentHome staging is a process a good real estate in Wellington agent will take you through. There are common mistakes that people make and here you’ll find out what those are. The process is a psychological one and will make a great impression once you learn how to do that.

Staging to show your home to buyers

Buyers have a unique perspective to the home that is quite different to the seller. Some sellers have lived in a home all their lives or for more than 30 years. They’ve had their children there and their energy and that of their family is steeped in the walls of the place. You can feel it when you walk in that it is theirs. Sellers often feel that this is a great selling point. They are sure that when the buyer walks in that they will feel the love you put into the home and you’ll snap it up.

Unfortunately for the unsuspecting seller, the sales just keep walking out the door. Sure, they get a lot of compliments but a sale never happens.

Properly Staging

Then, the seller must come to the realization that the perspective of the buyer is different. They need a space that they can envision having their lives in. If it’s too crowded with your memories and energy—there is no room for the buyer to see themselves in it so they walk away.

Now the most painful and weird thing a seller has to do must now be done. The place has to go into the neutral zone. This means from the color on the walls changing to more of a beige or eggshell to the pictures on the wall and mantle coming down as well as personal stuff like trophies and awards. Anything that says you and your family must be taken down. This seems like a cold-hearted task especially to the widower that has had it for ages or the parents with kids there.

Be kind and understanding if you’re the buyer and resolute if you’re the seller.