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Five steps to efficient mortgage underwriting

Mortgage against your residential property Efficient mortgage underwriting is something your real estate in Greenacres agent has to deal with as well as everything else that is crucial. But you have to be just as proactive. There are five things to be aware of and on top of at all times throughout the process. Here we will state in simplified terms what you must know.

Get your Credit Report—it’s free

Once a year you are able to get your free credit report from all three bureaus. Look at your revolving credit and what you have outstanding. Then, take your real estate agents advice on what to clean up and get on it.

Get the Appraisal done

The house appraisal needs to be done as quickly as possible. Get a reputable professional to do it and expect to be out $500 or so to do it.

Flood Insurance

Then, go to and check the address. If it’s in a flood or high water zone then flood insurance is what you need.

The survey if the lender requires it

Some lenders want a survey and some don’t. This is in their hands but it’s one of the only things that you don’t need to do anything for apart from follow-up and understand that you need to be proactive in all of the process involving paperwork.

Main ways to be Proactive

The more proactive you are—the better and quicker the outcome will be. Don’t be afraid to call the real estate agent and the lender. This is your buying process and they are working for you all the time.

  • This is the time you need to be proactive in gathering your documentation that each phase needs. Do you need to call employers? What bank information do they need? Is there anyone hanging up the process? If they are call them and be cordial but demand an answer firmly. Once piece of paper that is remitted late can cost you.
  • Make sure you respond to the lender when they ask you for things. Make it a priority for them!