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What property management is responsible for

contracts between the tenants and the landlordThere are facts to know about property management in West Palm Beach so that you are aware of what they are supposed to do where you live. A property management company can be placed in charge of a rental community or in a community the buyer purchased in. There is a bit of a blur with most people as to what a property management company does.

The property management, HOA analogy

Property management is a lot like an HOA when you buy a home in a community that will enforce certain rules. They are all kind of unique to one another. But, there are basic similarities. For instance, there are rules on how your home is supposed to look in an HOA community like the grass height—house color and any work done on the outside including the yard. For a property management company, they are in charge of the maintenance of the outside of your place as well as rental maintenance agreements for any breakdowns inside your apartment if you rent. Subleasing may or may not be included. The property management company is also in charge of enforcing rules about what type of changes you can and can’t make inside the apartment or condo. Even if you own it—there may be stiff restrictions on knocking down walls and doing work to the interior structure.

The property management company also sets up new leases for new tenants as well as renewing leases for existing ones. They there for any complaints against other tenants and they will also mediate those complaints. They can evict for such complaints or give notice to vacate if the rent is not paid on time for several months. The time for evictions given is 90 days legally. They are also in charge of the general landscaping and maintenance of the property. Any complaints go to them in that area. This also includes pool and clubhouse areas and the trash collection or trash valet services.

The company also holds monthly meeting with a board of directors made up of tenants.