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What to expect from a plumber

Types of Plumbing servicesSome of us are having our first experience with plumbing in Delray Beach and we have no clue what to look for in the hiring process or what to expect from our first visit. Here we will guide you with some brief tips on what you can expect and how to hire.

Plumbers must have credentials

There is a difference between a plumber and a handyman that is Jack of all trades and master of none. Plumbing botch jobs can cost you a fortune. That means you are paying for the first job and then having to hire the right person to do it all over again. This is frustrating and very costly. Plumbing in a house can be more than just the kitchen sink—plumbing problems can start deep in the walls of a home and the plumber has to know how to open a wall in order to get to where they need to go without harming the wires and other places inside the drywall.

Check if the plumber is certified by a reputable school and check out the company they work for. Larger companies may be best for larger jobs because they have more money to invest in their staff and will have more accountability. If something goes wrong they have to be insured also. You don’t want to not have recourse incase a pipe breaks or something is water-damaged from the work—things do happen.

What to expect from the visit:

The plumbing company should arrived neatly uniformed with security identification on them so that you know who you have in your home. Also a company truck and equipment that meets the state and federal regulations for safety. The next thing that should happen is there should be a foreman that will discuss your plumbing issue with you and tell you exactly what they need to do. You should then accept or decline the written and itemized estimate they give you.

If any of these steps are missed then it’s a red-flag. Don’t accept less than what we’ve mentioned here.