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When to tent or not tent the house and what to expect

Safety Tips during Pest ControlHaving the house tented by pest control in West Palm Beach is something to consider if you are having an infestation issue. Not every bug issue is an infestation. There are facts to know about how to tell if it’s a possible infestation and what your options are as well as what to expect when you tent your home.

Tenting is expensive but if you weigh up the cost between having to constantly have your place sprayed then you have to see if tenting—which will last longer—is the answer. The first thing to determine is if you actually have an infestation issue. This means calling a pest control company or the one you may already be contracted with and get an assessment. This means they come to the home and investigate for termite—roach and whatever other infesting bug is taking over the home—the aforementioned two are the most common. There are also rat infestations which are normally roof rats!

The pest control company will also ask you questions depending on what your infestation is. They will ask if you hear anything going on in the walls like scratching or walking around etc. They will ask you if you see any feces around in corners and such. When there’s these things in certain amounts there may be good cause to think there is an infestation.

What to expect on the day

Should you decide to tent the house—there would be a few inconvenienced you would have to plan for and budget for. If you have another place to stay that you don’t have to pay for then that will help you a lot. If not, you’ll need a hotel for at least 24 hours. Preparing for tenting will depend on what method the pest Control Company uses. If it’s gas of a certain type you may have to wash your dishes and clothes afterward. If you are tenting for termites they put the poison in the walls.

Bottom line tenting goes well when planned!