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Pest issues for old homes

Hiring an exterminatorAccording to pest control in Delray Beach older and listed homes have a lot of pest issues. We are going to provide information on the common issues that older and listed homes have.

What makes older homes vulnerable to pests?

Older homes have a lot of character and possess a lot of wonderful attributes. But what sometimes comes from that character and those attributes is a lot of old floors; roofs that aren’t what they used to be; old leaky pipes and a failing and settling foundation. This is all a great opportunity for pests to enter the home and start destroying it from the inside out. This would be time to have an assessment from a pest control company. The assessment will include taking a look at the areas mentioned and having you answer a few questions. These may include the sighting of droppings and seeing the animal or the bug in question as well as feces. Any feces is too much. This means they are getting in the house from somewhere and the entry point is really quite the challenge to find.

Entry points and hiding spaces for pests in older homes

Animals and pests will go to the roof. There are roof rats in places with hot climates. This is because they live in the trees—namely palm trees and around water. When they land on the roof—they don’t always leave. This is the same with squirrels, raccoons and possum. Hate to freak you out but you could have the veritable zoo up there. You’ll hear them and pest control has to trap them. They have to be taken care of because they actually cause two very serious issues. One; they cause a health issue by leaving literally pounds of feces which will dry up and end up in the air of the house. The second issue is they will eat through the electrical wires in your home. This can and will pose a serious safety issue by raising a fire threat.

Bottom line—get it inspected at the first sign