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Yoga for Toddlers

Yoga for good health of your kidsYoga for toddlers may sound crazy but it’s recommended by doctors of pediatrics Delray Beach and everywhere. From toddler age all the way to the terrible two’s there is energy to be channeled and normally, this is done by fussing and screaming and carrying on. Yoga for toddlers is a way for them to channel that energy. It also has many other health benefits for the child and social benefit for mom or dad.

Benefits of Yoga for Toddlers

The benefits of yoga for toddlers is they get to develop the right muscles young. They become limber and flexible. This is the age where some kids take dance or martial arts for their coordination and yoga does it even better. The time that mom spends with the child doing this is also great for bonding. Some kids like it so much they’re asking to do it all the time! The sessions can be done at home with an experienced parent or if the parent in inexperienced that’s ok there are DVD’s and YouTube you can do these exercises with. There are even many yoga studios that have classes in group or one-on-one sessions.

Yoga benefits the short and long-term health of your child as well. The asana as the moves are called will help the flexibility and building of muscle as we said before but it will also promote bone growth by encouraging circulation to them. Yoga also encourages healthy hormone development and starts the body young in flushing toxins and free-radicals they may collect through the foods they eat and in the environment in general.

Bottom-line, you are never too young or too old for yoga. It’s a healthy exercise for everyone. Search your local neighborhood for a yoga studios; meet other parents of like mind.