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How to perform baby massage

Baby massage classes at your local pediatrician's officeBaby massage is a way to both bond with your baby and enhance their mood and health. This is recommended by many doctors of pediatrics Boynton Beach. This practice of baby massage has been around for centuries and it’ still as effective today. In India head massage as well as hand, foot and baby massage is a staple in the home. It can be found everywhere. Yoga can be taught later and done with mom or dad as a toddler. It assists in the muscle and bone growth. There are specialized classes for this.

Benefits of Baby Massage

Baby massage has a benefit for all involved. The mother and baby enjoy an endorphin release and some bonding time.  The massage will give mom and dad a rest from fussing and excessive crying due to the stress relief that it provides. It assists with sleep and even appetite for baby. You can learn to gently manipulate the ankles, wrists and the small bones of the feet and hands. There are classes online and even ones in person you can take with an instructor. Keeping up with baby massage through their time as a toddler allows your child to be more limber and flexible as they grow.

How to Perform Baby Massage

Baby massage is a simple process. You may want to incorporate a moisturizer or essential oils mixed properly with a base oil like sesame. You should use oils that are approved by a professional in this area like a holistic practitioner. But, for now, there are lavender infused baby oil that is sold over the counter and plain as well from the pharmacy or grocery store. Keep the oil away from you baby’s eyes as you do this and use caution when massaging the scalp of the soft spot. If you aren’t comfortable, you can skip this.

Gently, with very little pressure massage in circular motions called effleurage on the baby’s back, bottom, legs and arms. Just slow motions with slight pressure is good enough. The night time is best for this at sleep time!