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The bounce house a party rental favorite

Bounce house and more for your partyParties are the best thing since sliced bread. We get them from the time we are born and they continue through our whole lives. Every decade brings a new sensation and these last few decades brought us the bounce house. You know, the party rental in Greenacres that has the blow up castles and giant inflatables with colorful plastic balls in day glow or primary colors? These are the best! But there is way more to them than you know. Here we will enter the world of the bounce house.

What is a bounce house?

These are fantastic little or giant inflatable houses. They come in bright primary colors or in dayglow colors. They are inflated until firma and then kids have a ball just bouncing in them and hiding beneath the plastic balls playing a game of Marco-Polo! You remember that? It’s normally done in a pool blindfolded and one person calls Marco and they answer Polo. This is so you follow each other’s voice until one tags the other first! There are so many games to play in these things. Don’t worry about any other aspect of the party because the bounce house is going to be the focal point of it all.

What types do they come in?

Well, the best part is that they aren’t only for kids! Nope—they come in adult sizes too! Towering slides that are 3 stories tall. They come in inflatable obstacle courses as well which is fun for the whole family and for everyone you’ve invited to come along. The best way to do it is rent according to age and number. Small for kids and large for adults as well as obstacle courses for everyone to have the best party time ever!