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How to plan your own wedding

Party ideas for different occasionsWeddings are expensive but you can do smaller weddings yourself with just a little bit of organizing and patience as well as a good head for budgeting. You may not need a wedding planner but you’ll need to have the number for a reputable party rental in Boynton Beach.  Here we will share tips on how to plan a small wedding of only a 100 or less people. Although the tips we share are still applicable with larger guests.

Get the budget and the families together

The first step is to be very clear about who is paying for what and if the families are taking care of anything. This needs to be listed and all parties must agree on who is paying for what before you even begin to start planning.

Choose your bridal party for both sides

You and your future mate are going to have to make a decision as to who will be the main players in the bridal party. This includes maid of honor, bride’s maids as well as best man and groomsmen.

Choose your guests

Choose your guests carefully and keep open communication between yourself and your mate about who is coming. Also, if you are from a divorced family make sure the seating arrangements are comfortable for everyone. You don’t want to feel tension on your wedding day.

Secure the wedding site and reception hall

Decide whether the ceremony will be religious or civil. Secure the venues for the ceremony and the reception hall. If it is a non-religious ceremony you may want to have them both in the same place to save money and travel expenses.

Wedding party transportation

Wedding transportation may be cheap enough if you are having only you and your groom and maybe the parents. Everyone else can make it there on their own. This will work especially well if you are doing the wedding and the reception in the same place.

Lastly, Wedding cake and catering

The caterer is bound to be the most expensive thing as far as the reception and guests are concerned. The only way around it is to pay for the cake and then the food can be catered by someone you know or a local restaurant. You can skip the middle man and go with a local place to cater a smaller gathering at a reasonable rate.