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How to choose the best glasses for your face

Get your eyes checked regularlyGetting glasses doesn’t have to be nerve wracking at the optometrist Jupiter at all. Most people still have the old-school thoughts about what glasses will look on them. And since some may not be eligible for contacts they know they have not much choice. So, here we will share some tips and also tell you what glasses are best for your face.

Eye glass tips

Eye glasses are a part of your life once you have them. They need to be cared for because face it—good looking and good fitting glasses are expensive and generally one would get two pairs. So, make sure you purchase a high-quality cleaner and a soft pad with which to wipe it.  Make sure you buy an emergency eyeglass kit which the office may actually sell. This is for the loose screws and such. It is suggested you buy a hard-sided case and not the free one. Take the soft-sided one by all means—it’s free but get the hard case for both pairs. They are both just as expensive and just as important.

Eye glass style tips

The eyeglasses you get for your eyes needs to match your face. Now, this is not gospel but the modern black-framed rectangular frames look awesome on just about any shaped face—they just look smart—period. We suggest starting with those. Then, do what is opposite of your face-shape. If your face is round get the squarer or soft oval. If you have a heart shaped face or long oval then you get the more square or rectangle shape. This means you are creating contrast. It’s sort of the way an artist does this on a canvass.

Before the visit

Before the visit to the optometrist, you may want to wear the type of clothes you wear to work or to wherever you are the most and wear your hair the way you normally would. This will help you choose the right look for you and you’ll get more realistic look if you wear them as you would normally.

During the visit

Ask the optometrist about contacts. You may want to have both glasses and some temporary contacts depending on your profession or what you are into you may want to see about extended wear. Your corrective lenses should be comfortable and fit your lifestyle and routine.