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Taking care of your eyes for computer workers

Your eyes are precious, that’s why youanti glare glasses to keep your eyes healthy go to the optometrist Boca Raton regularly. In the last few decades, we have seen a sharp rise in vision issues in young people and computer workers. This is because there are a lot of people that work for long hours at work and then at school at the same time on the computer. This means a lot of close work. Then we are on our phones for entertainment and surfing and dealing with various apps too.

This is a lifestyle more than anything. However, this causes blurred vision and dry eye syndromes. This could be causing the need for corrective lenses earlier than what is needed. There are things you can do to care for your eyes when you are doing this kind of work to make the muscles in your eyes stronger. You can also stop headaches and other issues heal by doing certain exercises.

How to care for your eyes at the computer

Work at a fair distance and do not lean into the screen while working. Make sure the light is not set on your screen to bright. Only work for one and a half hours or less at a time and take a 15 minute break away from the computer. While working look away every five to ten minutes to reset your vision. Look at something far away. This way the opposite muscles are working.  

Exercises for the eyes

Sit and look straight and away from the computer. Keeping your head straight look to the right and hold it for a moment then look to the left and hold it then look up and then down. Repeat this exercise several times a day to strengthen your eyes during your day.