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How to save money on Oil Changes

Safety Tips while Doing an Oil ChangBelieve it or not there a right and wrong way to save money on an oil change in Jupiter. Our advice here will not be what you think which is the DIY oil change and we will explain why.

Why DIY oil changes are not the way to go:

First, what are you really saving?  The oil, car jack and other accoutrement that you need to do each oil change barring the car jack is going to save you pennies. The mess and the code violation you are probably going to have to pay for doing this illegally is going to be enough. Yes, because your home won’t be zoned for garage work or commercial work which is what it will get reported as—is illegal. The environmental rules are also costly and not worth the time. You have to dispose of the oil and the containers that you used properly or get a fine.

Physical Risks:

There is a chance the car can be misbalanced and it falls on you. You could sustain injury by fingers slipping on the oil or you or a family-member slipping. Oil is poison to animals—Exxon taught us that and you can be burned by motor oil.


The savings are nominal at best and when you count the man hours for labor and proper disposal—you aren’t saving anything at all.

The Oil Change Shop:

Using a proper oil change service could run you $20 with no fines, no mess and they take care of the disposal for you. You can get other things done while you wait and it may take all of a half hour out of your day. It’s not that fast at home because you are doing double the labor for not much of anything.