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How to Avoid Oil-Change Rip Offs

Signs That You Need An Oil ChangeThe oil change in Boynton Beach is one of those things you have to deal with in order to maintain your car at peak performance. It takes time out of your day and it costs a little. However; some folks are not getting what they pay for and now we’re going to make sure you do. Knowledge is power and today you’re going to save some good money and make sure it’s not chasing after bad service.

Are you getting the oil you paid for?

Most cars and trucks demand a high-grade or performance oil. When you ask for that, you naturally expect to have that. But, there is an old trick that is still being performed on people by unethical garages. They are actively using cheap oil while you shell out for the performance oil. There are ways that you can curtail this and ask them to let you watch them put it in. You don’t have to be underneath the car to view this—it’s all done on top.

Make sure you are getting your oil filter:

The oil filter change may be an upsell or included but regardless—whether you’re paying the extra money or not—you need the oil filter you were promised. Ask them to show it to you inside the vehicle and not in the technician’s’ hands.

Other Services:

There are other services that you pay for so they should be done. This means topping off fluids and changing wiper-blades as well as tire inspection and air. They aren’t really extras you are paying for all of this in the price of the oil change. Make sure you are shown and they are being done!

The Upsell

These are the things you get told about after the oil gets put in and all the other “extras” are done. But before they let your car off the rack they’ll alert you to other things they find. Now, this can be a positive if you are familiar with the manual for your car you can tell whether or not your car needs any of the suggestions they make. If it does then great get it done if the price is right. If not then leave it go.

Bottom-line—get your stuff done right and ask questions so you are getting what you need and avoiding what you don’t.