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What’s it like to be in the beauty field?

Add shine and glitter to your nails So you’re thinking about your next career and you’re thinking that you may want to become something in the beauty field.  Maybe you want to own your own nail salon in Greenacres or your own styling salon. But first you have to have some idea of what it all takes and what kind of personality it takes to be in the beauty business.

The beauty field versus nine to five

In the nine to five world you come in at a set time and you already have an idea what you’ll be working on for the day or even the week. You’ll get off and punch out at 5 unless there is overtime and even that is probably routine. You have a boring existence or a secure one—this all depends on how you look at it. This means you have to ask yourself a few questions. Do I see a traditional nine to five boring or do I feel secure in it? Do I have a passion for beauty? If so, what are would I work best in?

No matter what area you choose whether you are a hair stylist; nail tech; cosmetologist or tattoo artist there are certain elements that remain the same. The hours will be long and unpredictable. At first you will be working at school long hours and testing a lot. This may be while you work another job. After school you will probably be working for a salon with set hours but your hours may be unpredictable. You will either have time on your feet but if you are a nail tech you’ll have long hours sitting and breathing in chemicals as well. You can be out of work as quickly as you stared because who you work for is slow or it’s slow season where you live. Your money will never be exact like your paycheck was at work so your budgeting will be erratic. Oh and forget about vacations for now.

Ask yourself can you do the beauty biz when the glamor is gone?