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Why you need professional moving to get your deposit back

Moving made easy with Movers & PackersSo you’ve made the plan and you’ve called the movers in Lake Worth and now all you have to do is get everything moving. But how do you leave your rental and expect to get a deposit back? Here we will let you know how to do that and how you should be packing to move efficiently. You’ll be surprised how fast you get it done and get it done right.

Packing to leave your rental

The first thing that should be moved is the boxes so that you have room to negotiate the furniture around doorways and walls. If you have stuff lying around you’ll be scratching and denting the place and you can kiss a deposit goodbye.

Be clear that unless you’ve established a good relationship with the landlord in the first place and you know each other well—they’ll be looking at any reason to deny you your deposit. Remember that they are there to make money—not make you happy so treat it like a business on your end too.

Cleaning to get your deposit back

Some of this process should be done days before. This is because you want to make sure you are touching up the walls and the floors. You may need to call on professional help as well. This may be the best idea if you’ve lived in a place for a long time—at least more than a year you’ll need to enlist professional cleaners. Why? Because the stove needs cleaning—the fridge needs pulling out and cleaning and the walls need washing. The floors you’ll want to have polished or steam cleaned if it’s carpet. This will clean the high traffic areas and make up for pet messes. This will cover all bases.