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Choosing the right apartment for you

Protect your items while moving housesYou are all set and ready to move into a new apartment. Maybe you are starting over after divorce or this is your first apartment you’ve ever had. You’ve gotten quotes to move all your stuff from movers in Delray Beach and you are on the hunt for the perfect place. Here we’ll provide some helpful tips on choosing the perfect place for you that you may just overlook.

Choosing the right apartment can bring a lot of points to the surface. But here are a few important ones that scratch beneath the surface. First if you are a man—it may be that you are divorced and living on your own again. If you have kids and they will be visiting you may want to think about how child-friendly the place is. Is it safe? Does it have a pool or a playground? Who are your neighbors? Are there any other kids on board on the property that may make little friends for them? Will the office allow you to have them overnight for extended periods? We’re not talking about a weekend stay we’re talking about the summer vacation time etc.  Some places have rules about how long people can stay that are not on the lease. You may want to talk to the office about that prior to signing a rental agreement.

If you are female

IF you’re a woman you need to have the first consideration be your safety. You will be coming in and out of your place at all hours and you don’t want to have someone following you—especially on the property. There are all kinds out there and they can be your next door neighbor. You’ll want to have parking close to the apartment in a well-lit parking lot. If you can avoid a garage then do so.

Best way to get to know a place

Take your time looking for a place. The best way to look is to travel there at night and on the weekends. See who hangs out and see who comes by to visit your would-be neighbors. A quiet and charming place in the day can turn into a free for all at night and on weekends. You don’t want to take a chance and have a lease to break once you’ve figure out that it’s a mistake!