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How to use a Walker and Wheelchair properly

affordable medical supply storesAs our baby boomer population ages and needs to be cared for—Medical Supply Palm Beach Gardens is becoming more and more important. There are many who will become caregivers along the way because many do not have the insurance they need for a nurse on board. So, for their loved ones they have to learn to use medical equipment the right way. Two of the most important of those pieces of equipment are going to be the wheelchair and the walker. There are various types around and we are going to touch on the important points for the untrained novice.

The wheelchair

The wheelchair can be electric or manual. One important thing to know is that they must both be locked in place before you sit your patient into the chair or remove them from it. It’s frustrating to have mobility issues. But you want to give them the most freedom possible. You do have to do it safely though. The three things to know about any wheelchair is it needs to be locked in place prior to any movement; it can never be left on an incline when you are with your patient and you have to pace the push.

What this all means is you have to be vigilant of your patient and know that if you are on an incline or if you push a bit fast you risk spilling them into the street.

The walker

The walker could have wheels or it could just be as it comes. This depends on how much ability the patient has to lift their feet. If they have a shuffle and it is approved by a physician that has tested their balance then a walker with wheels could be the answer. They type of walker that is recommended for this is the three wheel with handle grips and triangle shaped. This is the best for those who are heavier on weight or don’t balance that well.

Try having your insurance send a nurse to teach you how to use the equipment.