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Screening a Good Health Aide

Health Aide to the rescueOur loved ones deserve to have the best people taking care of them. Here we will cover some of the elements you need to know about the screening and hiring of a good health aide. Then, you don’t even need to worry about going to the medical supply Jupiter. You only need the best and most qualified person and there are things to know and things to avoid.

How to screen a good health aide

Bottom line—you are letting a stranger into your home to care for your loved one. There needs to be some security in place. First, we do not recommend you hire a stray person that is working without an agency unless they are a retired nurse or CNA. And even then, they need to be properly screened with the right verifiable paperwork behind them. This isn’t just hiring a cleaning lady that may or may not work out. This is putting your loved one’s’ life in a stranger’s’ hands.

Benefit of an agency

Through an agency, you have people who are pre-screened and registered according to the law with the nursing registry. This means that you have recourse if something happens. It also means you are more at ease because they are experienced.

You can request to interview a few nurses to see which one fits your needs. You can also screen more than one from several agencies. This means you have more control over who you have. When you are at the stage that you need more than one shift or an overnight and a day shift then you may want to actually hire from several agencies. This way you can get a feel going forward of who is best.

After you’ve chosen them, make sure you offer a pop-in visit at times and days that are irregular. Make sure you confront anything you do not like with the agency. It is up to them to deal with it. They can replace the nurse or you can feel free to hire a replacement for the nurse from another agency.