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Tips for preventing break ins

Professional Locksmith servicesAside from the hiring of a locksmith in Boca Raton you need to have some anti-break in plans put in place outside of having a good lock. There are also some things to know about the locks that are securing the home and if they’ll stand up to the modern criminal.

Obtain the best locking system for your home:

The most solid steel locking system may not be the best system out there for your doors. Modern locks can’t always deter the most modern tools criminals have to use. Locks that are solid steel can still be bumped open. Lock bumping is one of the most modern of techniques used by thieves and home-invaders today. This is a very quick and easy thing for criminals to do. They simply take a key that matches most of these locks to a point. The apply pressure to the back of the pins in the lock and then take a small blunt object and tap the outside of the lock to move the pins. In this case we recommend either choosing a lock with a combination or speaking to the locksmith about what you should do for your area.

Look at the outside of your home for clues:

Make sure you aren’t leaving broom handles and loose stones or any other debris that a robber could use to break a glass to enter the home. Even hanging your tools up in the garden is an invitation. Also, when choosing doors for the home—the ones with the least security are the ones that have small squares of glass in the door itself. An intruder can knock out that piece of glass and poke their hand through and open the door from the inside. So, in this case, you can have the best locks and it won’t matter.

Questions to ask your locksmith

How much experience do they have? Are they licensed and bonded? Are they licensed and certified to work on your home or commercial space? These are all important questions you need to have answered prior to servicing.