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Hiring a Landscaping Company

Types of Landscaping ServicesHiring a company to do landscaping in Jupiter is a simple task if you know what to look for to get the best and most professional and seamless service.  Here we’ll be sharing a few simple but valuable tips to hiring the right landscaping company for your needs and what they should have before you begin.

What are your needs?

Everyone has different needs for their landscaping service to fulfill. If you have a large yard with front and back and you need to shape and scape both places from scratch then do this first. Have a sit down with your other deciding parties and decide what you want. Do you want pathways going through the garden? How about a pagoda or trellises? Do you want trees? Shrubs? Or maybe you want special topiary or just a typical plant and flower garden? Are you going to want a water-feature? These are all the best questions to ask first. Once you’ve determined what you want—it’s time to make a bit of a sketch-out of all places.

Get a landscaper and have a consultation

Have a consultation with a landscaping company that you know to be reputable and let them have a look at your ideas on paper. Then, they should give you a free quotation of what this will cost. Then, get a quote from others.

Things you’ll need from them and what you need to know

Do they have an arborist on board that can help you in placing the trees and shrubs in the right positions so they stay healthy and also to be rid of any sick or dead trees on the property already? You won’t want to poison your new plants and trees.

Maintenance Plans

Also, ask the landscaper if they have any maintenance plans that will help you to keep up the work they’ve done as regularly as needed and affordably. Ask them if they guarantee their work for a specific period of time. Do they cover plants and tree replacement?

Do your budgeting for this after these questions are answered.