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When to hire an arborist or a gardener

Stone Border LandscapingWhen you are thinking of landscaping Boca Raton there may be things to consider that will ensure you are doing it right and you have the best people for the job you need done. Landscaping companies are normally gardeners but sometimes your property needs an arborist. The value here is that you’ll learn when you need what and why. This can save you money in the short or the long-run depending on your circumstance.

What is an arborist?

An arborist is someone that knows trees. They are a tree scientist; a tree doctor and a tree planter all in one. When you have a property whether commercial or residential will a lot of trees you may need an arborist to help you do any landscaping around them. This is true when you will be planting other trees or any other plants around them.

What a landscaper/gardener does

A landscaper or gardener will have some limited knowledge of plants and trees and how they may look together and some companies may have certified arborists working for them. But, the more trees you have and the more complicated the planting gets an arborist has more chance of saving trees that are already sick or diseases as well as the chance to save any new ones by putting them in the right place.

What to expect from an arborist?

The arborist will assess your property and your stand of trees. They’ll know if the trees were planted next to the ones they should have been and make note of the ones that weren’t. Then, he will literally examine the trees for good health. You will then address any issues together that are pre-existing with the stand of trees you have. Then, you will address the various plants you want planted. The arborist will explain and help you choose the plants, trees and shrubs that will not poison or be poisoned or deprived of nutrients by the other trees’ root systems. This is a term called Xenoscaping.

Arborists keep you private ecosystem safe.