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Vic & Angelo’s
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How to plan the perfect first date

Planning the perfect first date is daunting for a guy and nowadays for a girl because the ladies are doing it too! It’s that kind of world we live in and everyone needs that first-date advice. So the first places that come to mind are restaurants. Do they like Italian in Palm Beach Gardens or something different? Although, Italian is vive romantic! This is a good bet and we’ll tell ya why right here.

Italian restaurant all evening versus that old dinner and a movie

The old stand-by to be really safe has always been the dinner and a movie thing. Well, this we have a better suggestion and that is to take half of this and stick with the dinner. A movie is just a hub to make the moves but if you really want to get to know your love interest then a dinner is the right choice and Italian restaurants know romance. They are already geared up for dates of this kind. The room is dark and the wine is flowing and the only interruptions you’ll have is the sound some of the best food on the planet coming your way.

This is the spot where you can lean in and listen and ask questions or just enjoy each other’s company. You can’t do that at a movie. Movies are distracting—you have to rush through dinner to make the movie and it kinda defeats the whole purpose of the first date.

What is the purpose of the first date?

The purpose of the first-date is to find out if you even want a second date. This means that if you are not in tune with the person in a quality atmosphere such as—the Italian restaurant—then, you may just wish you hadn’t scheduled another date. Or the opposite may happen—you may have a weaker impression of the person than you would have if you had more time together and turned down the love of your life! Oh heavens no—we can’t allow that to happen. Go Italian!