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When is it time to call Garage Door Repair?

Garage door dents removalGarage door repair Palm Beach Gardens is something that you may not think about until the time is right there. This means that something isn’t right about the door that is bad enough to warrant a repair. But, a little knowledge goes a long way and we will try and make the decision-making process better for you.

Know the garage door and its possible issues

A manual garage door—one where you lift it to open and close has the normal wear and tear issues attached to it that any door would. Though these have far less to worry about than motorized ones—they kind of offer less security. They don’t allow you to simply drive into your garage and avoid things like criminals and the cold or rain. So, most, if not all the people reading this will be motorized garage door owners.

The issues that motorized garage door issues see is jamming; structural and remote control issues. Jamming could mean the motor is going out slowly. It won’t engage quickly and may stop mid-stream. Structural, may be that there is something in front of the eye that sees the door come down and signals it to stop. This is when it closes 3 quarters and bounced back up. Remotes should have batteries on hand in the car in case it fails to open.

When to call garage door repair?

When it isn’t the remote and when you’ve cleared the eye of obstruction. All else is motor issues and only a licensed person who is trained for your brand. Also, remember that when selecting a garage door service plan—they include 24 hour service. Don’t get stuck with an open house when you are late for work in the morning!