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Choosing the right material for your garage door

Garage Door Spring RepairFor most of us, garage door repair in Delray Beach is as simple as 1,2,3. For others—not so much. There are a few things that could make it a nightmare and a few tips that will make it easier and that is what the value is we’re providing here. Garage doors and garages can be expensive to replace but with something you raise and lower at the very least 2 times a day—you’ll need to consider it at some point.

Listed Buildings with Garage Doors and Strict HOA’s

For those that live in listed buildings—or, strict HOA’s there are rules to the look and operation of your garage. Let’s address listed first. This means that the building and all rooms and fixtures must be kept the same way it was when it was built originally. Now, if you are in a listed house built in 1025 you have quite a burden on your hands.

First thing to do:

The first thing to do is to deal with the city and fill out the paperwork you need to do to begin any work on that garage door. When they instruct you that you can—the permits will be given at the price they decide. Some cities will not allow you to do it yourself so you’ll be calling a contractor as well as be fined if you don’t do it and it becomes structurally unsound. You also face fines if it’s not done right after a mandatory inspection done at your expense so please no friends helping.


This one is a bit more in your control with less fines to deal with. An HOA is a Home Owners Association that tells you what your home is to look like. So be aware that if you and all your neighbors have the same garage door—regardless of the cost you will be buying the same model and material that it’s made of now.

Shop Online

At least for the HOA issue—shop online and ask the association what the model number and the company is that they used when the homes were built. This may mean you get a voucher for a discount. This also means you get to know the exact cost and ask them about the installation. Is there anything the HOA does to make this easier on the home owner?