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Caring for Antique Furniture

best deals on vintage furnitureBuying furniture in Lake Worth can be fun. Buying antique furniture is so much more fun! Antique browsing is always a treat and if you know what you are looking for and what you’ve found then you are ahead of the game. Antique furniture has some special needs you may want to be aware of and how to clean and care for it in use is definitely the most important. Here we will take you through what is needed to do both those things for most types of antiques.

The care of them in the use:

Some people love antique furniture just to put in a corner to appeal to onlookers and antique enthusiasts. But others want to be able to use their antiques—after all—to some—what’s a chair if you can’t use it right? To others, they love the idea that they are no more than a show piece. So, here is what to do for both sorts of people.

For the show but no go pieces

For show pieces all you’ll really have to worry about are two things really. First, where you place it. A chair or any piece that is wood-based with material on it will have to be situated out of the rays of the sun. So, if you have a nice bright home—look for a space that has less direct sunlight in the day. If you’ve chosen the perfect spot already then a window treatment would be in order.

Dust is the next concern and that is going to happen through the air conditioning and heating system whether or not anyone ever uses it and whether or not anyone goes in the room at all. So, having it dusted with a fur duster and not a feather duster which only moves dust around is recommended. Don’t use polish or anything but a recommended wood oil.

If you will use the furniture

If you will use the furniture then you have to have it cleaned by a professional in this field that can deal with old upholstery nails.