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How to budget for new furniture

furnishing a studio apartmentNew furniture in Boca Raton is an exciting adventure. You get to make the home look brand spanking new and you get to change the look without expensive redecorating the whole room. It’s much more fun to scout for furniture rather than paint and tile and all that! But there are some considerations about budget. Have no fear these smart ideas for the short and long-term may just help you spend less and do more.

Take stock of the old furniture

Ask yourself and the other deciding parties what they think of the old furniture. Do they or you have any faves that you are just getting rid of because they have been worn out? If you do have favorites you can or if there are pieces that are really expensive to replace—why not consider some of these options.

Example: you have a sectional that is going to cost a grand to replace but you really love the way it’s broken in. Why not try reupholstering or investing in some new big fluffy throw pillows. Get small, medium and oversized ones that you can actually unzip and wash? This will make things last longer and you an even make your own to be even more frugal!


Buy furniture without stain or paint

If you are the creative type, you can buy good sturdy furniture that is not finished. This means there is room for you to really make it your own. Paint it or stain it yourself. And by the way, yes, raw wood is rustic and looks great in nearly every home! It’s neutral and you can put old furniture with it and mix and match colors and rugs to your heart’s content.

Get down to budgeting

See how much each room will cost by taking the total of your budget and dividing it by the number of rooms. If one room is too expensive, then, move some funds from one room to the other budget. Now, make a list of what you really want replaces and have a ball hunting around!