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How to choose the perfect gift for someone

bouquet with orchidsFinding the perfect gift for someone doesn’t have to be rocket science. Some people are as simple as calling a florist in Riviera Beach and having their favorite bouquet or plant delivered. The perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be flashy either—it just has to be them. There is a bit of a simple formula that you can use to get your brain all warmed up and ready to think. Before you know it—you’ll be a professional gift giver.

How well do you know them?

Knowing them well is a start. But even if you don’t you can tell a lot about a person by their general surroundings. If you don’t know them well enough that you have been to their home—you can look to see how they are at work. Do they have a cubical or a desk? What do they decorate their space with? Are they a sales person? Are they superstitious? Do they decorate in any color they love? Is there are color or type of clothing they wear? Are they a jewelry person? If they are and you don’t feel comfortable giving them jewelry but they wear it all the time—get them a jewelry box or a jewelry roll that they can carry their jewels with them.

What are their hobbies?

Maybe they have a profession that you can buy a theme gift for. What about a firefighter or police gift. If they don’t have an interesting career then maybe they have a hobby or interest. The hobby or interest is a shoe in for a great gift that says hey I really have an interest in your life. If they are a runner for example—show you care and give them a pair of reflectors for their shoes or running apparel. This says, I care about your safety.

What are their aspirations?

Do they have a real aspiration they want to achieve? Do they want to be a writer? Buy them a leather bound journal or a writing program they can use. Do they play a sport and really play competitively? Then you can get them something that they use for their game and they’ll think of you every time they use it.

Bottom line—give a gift that expresses that you notice the real them!