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Caring for your Laminate Floor

Compare flooring prices The laminate floor is the best flooring West Palm Beach to have if you are worried about cleaning and traffic. People with kids and pets with a lot of running and playing and people coming in with dirty work boots and such love laminate flooring. The cleaning of a laminate floor is simple and we also have some quick and really cheap tips as well as why you should choose one.

Why you should choose laminate flooring

In case you are investigating having a laminate floor and what it will take to clean and care for it—we can convince you with the facts. Laminate flooring is cheap and looks like wood or tile or whatever you want it to and no one has to know! Your floor will look clean and new all the time. The traffic areas never show and with a dry mop or cloth you can have mud from work boots or pets up in an instant.

Cleaning and caring for a laminate floor

The care for a laminate floor is easy and in fact there is some what we call kitchen witchery to do the trick for you. Got Windex or another cheap glass cleaner? Got a dry mop or sponge mop? Then you have a clean laminate floor. Just pick up any mud or sand or the hard stuff first. Then, you can simply spray in front of you with the Windex and mop as you walk. The dust on a laminate floor is easy to mop just with a Swiffer or another like product and no it doesn’t need to be a wet Swiffer sheet. Buy the cheap dry ones and use that.

For the recycling people out there!

You can repurpose dryer sheets that are used to clean your laminate flooring and use them instead of Swiffer sheets or another like product!

Reasons to have laminate flooring versus another choice

Apart from equally as tough linoleum—laminate flooring lasts longer and is best for families and pet owners and even singles who entertain a lot. Laminate floors don’t break like tiles and there is no grout to fill or clean. They take walking in heels or hard-soled shoes better than all flooring apart from tile though heels will get stuck in grout and tear it up. Hardwood floors lose hands-down to laminate as well. Bottom-line, laminate wins