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Know before you go| what type of floors suit you?

Laminate flooring for your houseWhen it comes to
flooring in Delray Beach, you’ll need to do a little simple research in order to find one that suites your lifestyle. This means that you’ll have to take into account the budget you have to spend; how many rooms you have to lay floor in and what types of traffic with that floor see?

Hard Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is something most people dream of having through the whole house—especially when the money’s no object. They soon discover; however, that the word hard in hard wood can mislead the homeowner into the belief that they are as tough as industrial tile—they are not. In fact, they take more protection and cleaning than nearly any other floor! They are beautiful but they are expensive to start and you’ll have to invest in special cleaners as well as have the time or the cleaning staff to vacuum them each day. Yes, each day; because as hard as the wood is the dust and dirt are like sandpaper and will scratch the surface easily.

Laminate Floors

Laminate floors can look and feel like real wood and the maintenance is so simple. You will not be vacuuming or paying someone to do it each day. You can buy a special cleaner for once a week or as needed. Spills spot clean well and you don’t have to worry about furniture or shoe heel marks.


Tile takes a little work as far as keeping the grout from getting too dirty and you do need to clean high-traffic areas each week or as needed. But, tile is by far the most durable next to of course marble or industrial tile. But, industrial tile isn’t really made for the aesthetics of a home—bottom line—it’s kind of ugly. Ceramic tile or marble depending on the budget you have is recommended instead.

Vinyl and Linoleum

Vinyl comes in some really nice colors and patterns. They are super easy to clean. They never need to be polished at all.