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How to drink and avoid driving cheaply

Don't let your DUI Lawyer let you downEveryone loves the convenience of their cars but taking an alternative when you drink is better than the alternative—a DUI in Wellington. There is a lot you can do nowadays and you can do it cheaply. This is a great time to be alive and a drinker.

Alternative Companies

Not too long ago, you had to worry about taking a taxi and paying through the nose on the meter. You had to grab other people and heaven only knows if they were coming home the same time you were. And everyone knows how the whole designated driver bit goes. Sure you may have an honest and reliable one but others seem to disappear for the night or not show up at all when it’s their turn to drive. So, here’s the rub. You’ve got to make a decision or take a stupid risk and drive under the influence.

There are a few choices that knock the wind out of taxis and they are quite literally getting taxi drivers all hot under the collar about their existence. They are companies like Uber and Lyft and even Pink Moustache. These are all just normal citizens with their own cars that are licensed to drive you for the no meter cheap flat rates. The best part of it is if you’re drunk and you have a habit of losing your cash—fear no more—you are charged through your account with them on an app you use ahead of time.

Party Buses

Listen, if there is five or more then rent a party bus for the night and split the cost. You can even have your beverages stored on board while you bar hop so you don’t have to spend so much at the bar in the first place. This means no one is the designated driver and you don’t have to chase people down. Whether your buddies show up or not—they’ve paid so if you go home without them because they met the flavor of the evening—you’re future is safe!