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Drink? Learn the laws before you drive

Tips to pick a good lawyerThe drunk driving and dui in Palm Beach Gardens laws are tightening up. If you are a person who loves a party you are the first one that should know the law both federally and locally. We have news for everyone who even has one drink—did you know you could get a DUI nearly anywhere in the US for that one drink if the wrong move is made? Here we will give you a little brief insight into the world of DUI and how you may avoid it.

The wrong place and the wrong move

Drinking in and of itself is not against the law but having been drinking and getting arrested for anything or calling the police for any event is going to get you marked for issues. First let’s cover a formal DUI. This is normally done in two ways that people are aware of. The check points that are put in place to randomly check a motorist. This is done both for safety and quota that’s why they have you all lined up in the road and you can’t back out. Then, of course you have the getting pulled over because you may have been driving in a suspicious manner.

But, the other ways you can actually get a DUI is to back out of a parking space and bang into another car. If you bang into anything and you’ve had one drink—yes—just one—you could get slammed with a DUI and no license for 5 years. You could be a business person after a happy hour and just not be paying attention. Or, you can be some kid that has a bar fight and the police are called. In some states—this is a big deal and in one day your life changes overnight.

The modern alternative

There are companies all over the united states like Uber and Lyft that offer seriously cheap rates for your to call and get a ride to and from the bar.

Bottom line—it’s less than the alternative expensive future