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What personality do you need to become a dog trainer?

Training for stubborn dogsIt’s heartwarming to see so many animal-lovers all over social media and everywhere you go. There are folks that are inspired to work with animals—some even want to become dog trainers in Wellington but you have to possess certain characteristics or develop them in order to do this job well. Here we will take you through what kind of person you need to be and what traits you need to develop that you may need to perfect before you do it.

Common Traits of a Dog Trainer

  • Dog trainers are patient people. They are great normally even with children but this is not a requirement. They are good with teaching things that the learner may not pick up as well the first time.
  • They are great with repetition. They know that dogs are going to be hard-headed and will in fact learn according to their moods and age. This may take days or weeks but the trainer accepts that as a positive challenge.
  • They are more than happy outdoors. Trainers aren’t afraid of the dirt. They will be right there in the dirt with your puppy anytime without complaint.
  • They have to be even-tempered. Even tempered is the best for the dog and the training. It means you have to be able to deal with frustrations very well. This means when the dog is not listening to a word you say they‘ll be no stomping off—quitting or raising your voice disrespectfully to the dog or anyone else.
  • They have to be observant. Dogs are exhibiting behavior they use to talk to you all the time. So, they are communicating in subtle ways. You need to be observant enough to at least pick up on a change or signal.


There is no job we can think of that is more rewarding and not depressing. It’s all reward and a lot of fun. If you possess these traits or can develop them—this is a great way to commune with nature and animals and make a difference to a dog.