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What to train your dog to do?

Effective Dog Training TipsWhen one obtains a dog it is almost imperative that you obtain a dog trainer in Boynton Beach to go with it.  There are quite a lot of reasons why and we will touch on a few here while we figure out with you what you need to train your dog to do.

Why you would need a dog trainer

Most dogs luckily now are rescues. Legislation is being passed in record numbers to shut down puppy-mills and breeders from operation. So many people will have dogs this year and in the years to come that need the love and care. Many have never had a human be nice to them before and for once they’ll get that. The responsibility for a dog or any animal is great. It’s really like having a kid. You have to have it socialized properly in order for it to be cared for in the way it deserves to be.  A dog trainer is an integral part of the process. Some dogs are old and some are babies and you are the first human it’s been with. Figuring out what the dog should be trained to do is unique to that dog’s dynamic, age and history.

The basics of what the dog should be trained to do

The basics are when to come to you; when to sit; when to and not to bark; when to stay and sit. This enables you to control the routine for eating and walking and all the basic needs. Other things are unique to the animal and we will explain that here.

When you rescue a dog you need to know as much of the background as possible. This means a history of abuse or if he or she had been trained before, if that info is available. A trainer is the only person that can look at the personality and know where to pick up from as well as what to train out of the dog. You must be present when the trainer asks and patient as well as loving.