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How to date after divorce

Rebuilding Life After DivorceSo you’ve called the divorce attorney in Delray Beach and now you’re out there. But, should you date? Yes, it’s normal to go one extreme or the other right after divorce—you are lonely so you throw yourself out there to the next relationship possibility or you are so bitter and twisted that you can’t even look at a member of the opposite sex without getting sick to your stomach. Well, neither of the most common ways of handling this is healthy. Here we will try and guide both men and women into really investigating whether they should date after divorce and when may be a good time to get back on the horse.

How fresh is the divorce and the wounds?

How long ago did you divorce? Is the ink still fresh on the paper? How fresh are the wounds? What if we told you that it doesn’t matter? It really make no difference if you are still in love or if you fell out of love years before the divorce—you were still attached and this takes time to heal. You may not feel one shred of anything positive or negative for your ex mate—but—this still does not mean you know yourself as a whole person yet. You have to have the feeling that you are really single and ready and that comes maybe after a year or two of being with yourself. People have gone longer but the time is very unique to the individual. This means they need to go out and get hobbies and interests and maybe take a class or develop a skill. This means to invest in yourself until you no longer feel the pangs of desire to be with someone.

Once you are ready

Once you are ready we suggest not getting yourself all caught up with one individual too quickly. If you are able to—you should actually be able to circuit date. This means dating more than one person until you find one that fits you. Be who you are Mr/Mrs right appears!