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PGA Center For Advanced Dentistry: Jay L. Ajmo, DDS
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Why have regular Dental Checkups?

The importance of Dental CheckupsDental checkups are something that so many people kind of put on the back burner and look at Dentistry Palm Beach as less important than a physical. But, what they fail to understand is they are harming their overall health in so many ways by not keeping their oral health up-to- date. There are several factors that keep people from going to a dentist. One of those things is it’s added on in the insurance. But many dental offices carry packages on dental care and you can get a dental savings plan as well.

Your smile is in danger

People are walking around with advanced gum disease and may not be aware of it. There are people that don’t see a dentist for literally years and experience pink or red on the toothbrush. This is gum disease. The gums don’t always have to bleed and in fact it takes years for it to be too late but why wait? Why risk losing your teeth which is only one of the consequences of neglecting your gums—it’s also the least harmful.

Your oral health and your body

Having impacted teeth and mouth infections are only two of the things you will experience without proper dental care. Your oral health is related to your whole body system. If your mouth is full of bacteria that makes its way into your bloodstream it can cause heart disease and stroke by way of inflammation. Pericarditis is one of those conditions that is fatal and really has no symptoms. This is a very subtle disease and one that regular dental checkups can prevent. They also have a way to look for mouth cancers with ultra-violet and laser technology.

There are only positives that can be had by good oral health. Get a plan that fits you or call around to the larger dental offices if there is a package plan or insurance that they offer. The benefit you get in your overall health is all you need.