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How to set up a home office

Types of Computer Repair ServicesYou got your work at home business all figured out and now you have the excitement of setting up your home office. You can’t wait to unpack your computers in Lake Worth and get started! You are on the road to success but you are a bit overwhelmed as to how to start—what you need and where to put it all! Have no fear because you are about to get it all outlined for you now.

Choose your space wisely

Depending on what type of work you do and what dynamic you have—you’ll want to get into a space that feels good to you. Now, don’t chuckle but even if you aren’t a believer—you may want to check out some Feng Shui. That is the oriental art of decorating for the best results. They have some really very cool ideas and suggestions. You want your space to feel right and only be 50% utilitarian. You want to not fall asleep in it but you also want to feel stimulated mentally. Ideas flow where good energy goes. Don’t make it distracting by being near the TV. But, have a way to have music of every kind on demand for you right there. Try YouTube music for study and focus with Alpha waves and binaural beats.

Check your budget:

Don’t get everything you think you need all at once. Not every office is the same so practically robbing a Staples or Office Max is unnecessary. Think of the work you’ll be doing and then think from large to small. Do you need a printer with a scanner? You can pick one of those up for $25 bucks online. Do you need staplers and file folders or do you use everything online?

The must haves are your computer so let’s think here—do you need to take it with you? Do you meet clients? If you do and you do presentations a 3 in one may be the one for you.

Everything after this is up to you and your personal business needs.