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Live-in Maid versus as needed

Choosing A good House Cleaning ServiceIf you are looking for a maid cleaning service West Palm Beach it may be easier for you to consider live –in or as needed services. Now, obviously, a cleaning team from a cleaning service isn’t going to live with you. But, a maid will live on the premises. The only person that can determine what’s better for you is you but with these considerations it will go much better.

Get super clear what you’ll need done

Understanding what you’ll need done is a big deal. You also have to take into consideration how big a house you live in as well. These will be the biggest factors in deciding whether or not to have a live in especially.

Next is the cost comparison. Now as you may already know, a live-in can include a lot of things that you’ll have to decide is good with you. He or she will have a room in the home or in a pool home on the premises. Your life is exposed to that person. They may also ask that food is included and some rights like guests and such. This doesn’t have to happen but this depends on what you are comfortable with.

Next, weigh up what it will cost per month for a cleaning service to come in and what the maid will cost you per month. Interview a few for live in and see what the going rate is nowadays in your area. Ask friends that may have one and see what they say as well. A maid will not be paying you rent but may demand 5-$600 to live. A cleaning service you can control a bit better. You can have them in when you need and control your costs with no further obligation.