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What can you expect to pay for a Maid or Cleaning Service?

Affordable  Maid Cleaning Services to your rescueIn the hustle and bustle of your workaday life you may have to consider hiring a maid cleaning service in Boynton Beach. This is a process that takes a little thought and we’re going to help you with that. There is a difference between a maid and a cleaning service. A maid is a person who performs duties of cleaning and sometimes even food preparation, laundry or ironing and they do not belong to a cleaning service. They are a bit more personal a service and may cost more or just as much as a cleaning team from a cleaning service.

A cleaning Service

A cleaning service is a team of workers that is able to reach a wider area all around the home that comes in at allotted times and days to service the home. It can be a deeper cleaning experience with the proper floor equipment and such that a maid can’t do in the same time constraint as a team. Normally, they will have a team of wet and dry that will handle both time consuming processes at the same time.

What you can expect to pay each:

Typically a maid and a cleaning service will charge for the initial deep cleaning. This is normally double the regular charge or more depending on the size of the home. This is due to having to more deeply clean what has built up over time. Then, a maid may charge anywhere from $50 a week to $150 depending on the duties and the same for a cleaning team from a service. It should all be relative to the size of the home and what is being asked to be cleaned as well as how often it’s cleaned.

The best thing to do is to interview both. Take several quotes from maid that are private that do not belong to a service. Also, ask them to show proof if they are bonded and or insured at least. The perk about having a cleaning service is that they are.